Sunscreen Shades 5%

Our sunscreen roller shades with 5% openness and 95% UV blockage combine fair outward visibility with excellent UV blocking abilities. These high quality and high tech solar fabric shades will not be affected by longterm exposure to solar heat or UV rays. They are effectively reducing glare and reflection, are fire retardant, non-toxic and certified GreenGuard for children and school safety as well as certified GreenGuard for indoor air quality. Can be ordered with or without decorative deluxe fascia with fabric insert which neatly hides the roll in a cassette when the shades is fully raised. BlindsDeluxe offers a deluxe aluminum fascia with fabric insert at a lower price than anywhere else, starting at only $15.20! This casette completely hides the sunscreen shade when fully raised, giving your windows a neat and clean appearance.

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